Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beer Unification: Sixpoint Resin & Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

(not pictured: cauldron w/ three witches)

There's a bunch of great beers out there that are combinations of multiple styles of beer, or collaborations between breweries that each bring their distinctive flavors. I've always wondered why us slobs at home couldn't try to achieve the same effect, but in a much simpler manner - just pour two different beers into the same glass.

This is the basic concept behind black n' tans, but I've never actually seen someone pour two great craft beers together to see what would happen. In the future of this blog, I'll try a lot of crazy combinations just to see what happens, but seeing as I just wrote a post that contrasted two of my favorite IPAs and highlighted the triumphs and follies of each, I figured why not pour the remaining beer from each container into the same glass and chug it as fast as possible see if the flavors meld together in a pleasing way.

I'm happy to report that the flavor is delicious. This isn't much of a breakthrough since these beers are nearly identical to begin with, but it gives me hope that I can mix a barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout with a spice-infused Belgian Golden Ale, and it might actually taste pretty cool (or kill me instantly).

 - Brett.

tl;dr - mix your beers together

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